As a regular listener to Solid Gold Gem AM, you’ll know we are here 24 hours a day, but do not have ANY commercials or sponsorship. That makes the music sound even better. Now, do you ever wonder HOW we are able to do that?

The answer is simple… our team of presenters are all outstanding radio professionals who have worked together on stations in Britain and North America for many decades. They give their time to be on a radio station to entertain you with their specialist music expertise and great musical stories.

The station Solid Gold GEM started in 1988 as a radio station in the East Midlands. In 2012, this respected and loved station was re-created online as the oldies station we all loved. To achieve this, all the staff, presenters, marketing and operations gave their services for free – and it evolved into ‘Radio like it used to be’.

For our shows, we choose music we Love, and Believe in, from five Golden Decades. To play the music, we need to pay for the rights for our website and studios around the world and we need support for this as well.

If you love our unique station as much as we all do, are one of our regular listeners and would like to support us with a small donation, we’d be delighted. From all of us as Solid Gold Gem, we thank you for listening and any contributions you can make. We love entertaining you.


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