Album Gold

Graham Collins

Classic Rock Rewind

Trevor Thomas

Gentle On Your Mind

John Hellings

Kick Up The 80s

Geoff Dorsett

Late Night Love

Krissi Carpenter

Love From Tony

Tony Lloyd

Saturday Breakfast

Mike Temple

Solid Gold 60s

Geoff Dorsett

Stuck In The Middle

Dave Nightingale

Sunday Night Country

Stephen Wells

Supersonic 70s

Geoff Dorsett

The 1960s Café

Barry Jay

The 80s Zone

Tim Morsley

The Get Together

Simon Shaw

The Golden One

John Palin

The Golden Year

Andy Siddell

The Goldmine

Graham Collins

The Seven to Nine Thing

Stephen Wells

Time Tunnel

Tim Morsley

Top 40 Countdown USA

Chuck Shorter

Two’s Company

Two's Company

Weekend Get Together

Andy Siddell

Yacht Rock

Jenni Costello


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